Jeremy's Bootcamp

JEREMY’S BOOTCAMP is your one-stop shop for health & fitness! We offer private, one-on-one training for all levels of fitness, as well as small group training, and boot camp-style classes. As a small business, we are strongly community-oriented and family-friendly! Our members range in age from 10 to 85 years old. Our members are the heart and soul of Jeremy's BOOTCAMP! Whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your overall fitness, run obstacle course races, or do triathlons, we are here to help you get there!

What People Are Saying

“One thing I could not ignore as I began my season as a Pro Triathlete was the importance of core strengthening.  Functional core strength training reduces your risk of injury, increases your level of performance, and will bring you to a whole new level.  I look forward to this class and it is one of the most important workouts I do each week. Thank you, Jeremy!” 

“Jeremy is a role model for anyone that has heard his courageous story. After hearing Jeremy speak … I was inspired to participate and finish in my first 5K race. I am honored to know Jeremy and call him a friend.”​

—  Susan Lynch, MD, First Lady of New Hampshire

—  Amber Ferreira, Professional Athlete

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