Athletic training will bring your son or daughter to the next level within 1 month’s time! The program will be a modified version of a Pro Athlete training program. The quality of the workout will be given a 100% effort, dedicated, knowledgeable, and diverse advanced driven set of exercises by me, Jake Cheney to bring your Athlete’s game to the Next Level!!

Program & Fees:

The program will be based on 6 and 8-week plans. We will be running Athlete’s Edge programs Monday and Wednesday at 3:30 pm each day. Space is limited. Each Athlete will be able to choose from 2 packages to reach their Next Level of Performance!! The 6-Week pack will be $175. If you are looking to Do More and Challenge Yourself with Athlete’s Edge, we have an 8-week program for $235.

Help Improve Your:

Speed, power, strength, endurance, agility, core performance, stability, balance, improve pillar strength-which is hips, shoulders, and core. Each skill, exercise, circuit, and activity will give each athlete that edge you will need to be the best!


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